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Vintage Upbeat Stomp

Vintage Upbeat Stomp

Vintage Upbeat Stomp

Bouncy, stomping indie upbeat music with a vintage feel. Featuring vintage organ, distorted guitars, handclaps, flute and electric piano. This is a fairly high upbeat tempo track with a lot of motivation and energy.

Brass instruments appear now and again with swells and crescendos to help the track move along. The track has a slightly mod flavour, echoing R&B bands from the mid 1960s.

 It’s 175bpm and 2.03 minutes long.

What videos would Vintage Upbeat Stomp be good for?

  • Cool retro fashion
  • Intro for Vlog channel
  • Documentaries about the 1960s
  •  Anything that needs to show a bit of swagger

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