Uplifting Indie Rock Chant

Uplifting Indie Rock Chant

Uplifting Indie Rock Chant is an indie rock style track, full of sweeping vocals, grungy guitars, rock drums and heavy bass. This is indie background music for videos, films, web sites and presentations.

The music starts with an uplifting vocal which features throughout. Backwards guitar effects and harmonics are introduced and the heavy kick drums keeps the momentum going. Distorted palm muted guitars are introduced to give the track a mean feel.

The track has quite an ethereal feel and a cinematic edge. There are starts and stops as the mix rises and falls to emphasise the louder parts more.

It’s 140bpm tempo and 2 minutes 10 seconds in duration. Supplied as 44.1Hz 16bit Wav.

A great track for adding a bit of aggression and glory to your videos.

What kind of videos will Uplifting Indie Rock Chant be good for?

  • Endurance sports – cycling, long distance running, climbing
  • Football and Rugby
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Timelapses
  • Building and DIY

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Here are some similar indie rock tracks which you may want to consider…


Burst is a medium tempo indie rock track with different layers of overdrive guitar. It features a catchy vocal hook which lifts the track up in parts. Where fast movement is required and something a little more upbeat, Burst will deliver.

Power Grunge Kick

A slower indie rock track with a lot of power. A very heavy kick drum pounds through the track as ambient guitars overlay distortion guitars and fat bass. A string line gives the track an extra bit of finesse.

Big Truck

Big Truck has a lot of swagger with a low guitar riff introducing the track. The track is very heavy with a bluesy heavy rock feel. Great for adding an extra bit of aggression, power and muscle to your videos.


With a lot of emphasis on the straight jabbing repeating guitar chords, Shreds has a really indie rock feel, echoing classic indie bands such as the Wedding Present, The Pixies and other C86 bands.