Power Grunge Kick – powerful background music

If you need powerful background music for your videos then Power Grunge Kit will really give your videos a boost. The track is mean badass production featuring a really heavy kick drum that pounds away all through the track. Razor sharp, distorted guitars join the mix and give it some serious muscle and energy.

On top of this we have ambient backwards style guitars that introduce some extra mystery and originality. A string run also appears to add an ascending melody.

It’s ambiguous enough to be used in many different scenarios, but only when you need to introduce a really powerful suspense feel to your video.

What kind of video needs powerful background music?

  • Fighting sports – boxing, judo, wrestling
  • First Person Shooter Games
  • Extreme Engineering
  • Extreme Weather and Storm Chasers
  • Stamina and Endurance – Overcoming disability / illness
  • Anything that needs a feeling of suspense

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Similar powerful background music


The sounds of a powerful army grouping together and making their way to the battlefront. Stormtrooper is full of suspense in a military or espionage way. The track is a great way to emphasise a build up of force.

Cliff Hanger

Another feeling of intrepid adventure and suspense. Cliff Hanger is extremely cinematic and twists and turns in various directions, building up at first to a crescendo but then meandering through a strange midsection. After this it builds up once again.

Fighting Talk

Percussive and military, fighting talk is extremely powerful background music with an emphasis on fighting. The percussive elements sound like swords or sticks being fought with and the underlying mix builds up underneath this percussion.

Cinematic Rock

Just as powerful as the other examples, but this track has more of a rock flavour. Building up with rock bass and drums forming the low mix, along with crunching synths and deep horns, staccato strings bring a cinematic flavour.

Dawn of a New Era

This is unlike the others in that it doesn’t feature any constant percussion. It has more of a gradual build up starting from nothing and eventually reaching a glorious climactic ending. This is a track for outer space.