Ambient Dreamy Piano

Ambient Dreamy Piano

Ambient Dreamy Piano

Dreamy background music for your YouTube videos and web presentations. Initially Ambient Dreamy Piano begins with a soft piano and warm background pad. Symphonic strings then join the mix along with ambient guitar harmonics. The track swells up and down gently but never loses control.

Overall, the track has a wide sweeping symphonic feel full of intertwined textures.

There are 4 versions included:

  • Ambient Dreamy Piano Full (2:29) – the full version Ambient Dreamy Piano 
  • Looping (2:22) – a version without the end or tempo slowdown that can be looped 
  • Ambient Dreamy Piano Medium (1:00) A one minute version 
  • Ambient Dreamy Piano Short (0:32) A thirty second version

What videos would benefit from dreamy piano background music?

  • Emotional subjects
  • Timelapses
  • Nature documentaries
  • Inspirational stories
  • Aerial / Drone videos

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