Light Ambient Folk – calming folk music

Light Ambient Folk is a great piece to use if you need some calming folk music for your videos to add a relaxing feel. The track features tinkling acoustic guitars, a beautiful bowed violin and some lush ambient guitar sounds.

The kick drum which gives the track a constant momentum is warm and dry. The track contains many soft layers. This brings warmth and a totally relaxing feel.

This will work very effectively in your videos wherever you need to create an approachable feeling.

What kind of videos will calming folk music be good for?

  • Travel & Tourism
  • Friends and Family
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Boating
  • Easy exercise pursuits – cycling, walking
  • Pets

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Similar tracks to Light Ambient Folk

Happy Upbeat Flute Folk

Joyous and bouncy. This happy upbeat track really gives you a positive vibe. As the title suggests, a flute forms the centrepiece of this track, but a snappy brass section and simple beats bring a little more zest and charisma.

Irish Skies

A slower, sweeping track that really captures the heart of Ireland. Featuring acoustic guitars, harps and the famous penny whistle, this track has quite a cinematic flavour. Great for when you need to bring the energy down and emphasise a big sweeping panorama.

Fisherman’s Waltz

A three/four waltz time track. This has a very retro folk feel. An acoustic guitar forms the base of the track. Warm strings are introduced and an old upright piano.

Celtic Flow

Another very relaxing bit of calming folk music. This is very cinematic, initially starting off with delicate harps and soft pianos but slowly building up with strings and french horns.

Irish Dream

And yet another Irish themed track. They all seem to have that relaxing effect. Once again, the penny whistle takes the focal point, along with fiddle and softly strummed acoustic guitars.