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Here’s a corporate background music track that you can download free. There’s no restrictions and no licensing. All we ask is that wherever you use the track, you provide a link back to our site –

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What is Corporate Music ?

Corporate background music didn’t really exist until the microstock movement began. From around 2005 onwards, websites began to appear, where you could buy music tracks extremely cheaply. Before then it was possible to buy royalty free music from music libraries. But recently there’s been a huge boost in the sheer volume of available music.

Sites such as Audiojungle and Pond5 have seen so many tracks submitted over a relatively short time that they’ve quickly become bloated with music. That doesn’t seem such a bad thing, until you start searching for music yourself. Put yourself in the shoes of a video editor, on a tight deadline and you realise how important the search facility is.

Corporate Category

New categories started to appear on these sites to make searching easier. One category that appeared on Audiojungle was the Corporate category. You often find tracks in here that After Effects authors use when they are submitting templates to It’s probably worth pointing out that both Audiojungle and Videohive are part of the same company – Envato. So a lot of cross-selling goes on between these two sites.

After Effects Templates

An After Effects producer creates a template for other After Effects users. A soundtrack would sync to the template. Synced soundtracks are an incredible asset. The AE producer would typically visit Audiojungle to find an appropriate track that would accompany the template. The video preview would typically include the track, but the actual download would not.

If someone wanted the video template, they would also want the audio track.

The corporate style is the most popular kind of after effects template. It is very clean, shiny and contains smooth movement. The music usually compliments these business style templates, by also sounding clean, simple and optimistic. These tracks began to sound similar in nature. They would typically contain a sub bass, palm muted guitars and a bright piano. Now it has become a genre of its own – the corporate style.

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