How to add background music to a video clip

Stock Music for YouTube

Are you a video producer? Have you thought about using stock music for YouTube videos? Premium high quality music can really enhance your video productions and add an extra layer of polish. Whether your video is about extreme sports, Indian recipes, software tuition or fun times with your pet dog, the right music can really emphasise the emotive behind your idea. Here we explore some of the most popular YouTube video themes and offer some appropriate suggestions for music to accompany it.

Extreme Sports Video

For decades, it’s always been exciting to watch extreme sports. But when the GoPro arrived on the scene, things really got personal. It was one thing to watch a daring surfer showing off his skills from the safety of the beach, but to see the action from the surfer’s point of view, inside the tunnel of water, feeling the spray, well that takes you to another level. The soundtrack to accompany gripping visuals like this needs to be just as exciting and full of gritty momentum.

The kind of music I would use for these kind of videos would be dangerous, high energy tracks full of momentum and grit. Here’s a few which I’d recommend which are full of razor sharp guitars, medium to fast tempos and all with a real edge to them.

To use this track in your extreme sport video it’s available here.

Unboxing Video

The suspense in an unboxing video is bordering on the extreme. The tingle down the spine of your neck when you hear that packing tape being slowly drawn off. The slow creasing sound of the cardboard being folded back. You peer into the shadows of the unknown, looking for a sign, a recognisable logo, a familiar curve of the product.

And then you see it, the shining star of the video in all its glory. It’s the same process each time and it just begs for a soundtrack built for suspense and anticipation. Here we should take it to the extreme and go all cinematic. A track that builds slowly and then reaches the penultimate climax.

To use this track in your videos it’s available here.

Cooking and Lifestyle Video

Cooking videos and anything that promotes good healthy living would normally require a clean, contemporary soundtrack. Relaxing but with some momentum. Lifestyle type tv programmes often like to make you feel as relaxed as the visuals and often do this through easy listening lounge music. However, the soundtrack wouldn’t need to be limited to lounge music. All kinds of genres of music can deliver this kind of a feel. Here’s an example…

To use this track in your videos it’s available here.

Science & Technology Video

I understand science is a huge term, but here we’re looking at technology videos of which there are many. Gadgets, computers, all the bits and bytes (sic) that make up their components along with biology subjects where we 3D illustrations of cells and particles travelling through the bloodstream. These kind of videos often need an electronic synth driven soundtracks full of bips and bleeps.

To use this track in your videos it’s available here.

Business Marketing Video

The corporate video, where large sums of money and investment are concerned, needs to be professional, clean and motivational. Videos in this category are always positive – showing the unique selling points of a company or an idea. Music needs to reflect this and in very recent years, a whole new genre of music has surfaced under the name of Corporate Music. Corporate background music is clean, positive, contemporary and motivational.

To use this track in your videos it’s available here. For more corporate soundtracks check out this playlist.

Pets – Cat Videos and Dog Videos

The silly dog chasing its tail or the moody cat purposely knocking your wine glass over. We’ve all watched these scenarios on YouTube and they just keep on coming. Almost all these videos involve some kind of comedy element and in those cases comedy music would help lighten the mood of the video even more. More often than not videos featuring dogs will involve some kind of slapstick manouveure with the dog excitedly running around. Something like this for example could benefit from a happy carefree soundtrack.

To use this track in your videos it’s available here.

Vlogging / Personal Opinion

Vloggers are big on YouTube and one of the first things you notice about the most successful vloggers, is that they like to push their own personal brand or style. And so a vlog channel can be pretty ambiguous when it comes to accompanying soundtracks. There really isn’t any one style that would work for a vlogger, it would depend on what kind of world they lived in – are they into fashion, computers, music production, learning for their exams, beauty and make up? Let’s assume they were vlogging about fashion. This could be a good track to use to top and tail their fashion led vlog.

To use this track in your videos it’s available here.

So as you can see, there’s a whole plethora of different styles here, each suited to a different kind of video. If you want to explore more categories of music for your YouTube videos then select the MUSIC option in the top nav bar, which will dropdown and reveal a whole bunch of categories to fine tune your search for the right track.

All the tracks on can be used royalty free in your YouTube videos. For more about what Royalty Free actually means check out our article Can you use royalty free music commercially?