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Free Music for your Videos, Film and Presentations

Stock Audio offers you music that you can use, for both personal and commercial use, in your video productions, film soundtracks, web presentations and more. We’ve carefully selected and created albums and categorised them for you. Simply select one of the categories from the Music menu at the top, listen to the tracks and then click download. There is no charge. You can also download complete albums.

Most of these tracks are offered under Creative Commons CC BY 3.0 licenses that permit commercial and personal use, however, bear in mind that not all Creative Commons licenses are the same. The CC-BY-3.0 licenses request that a credit to the composer be shown in the finished works. Some licenses such as the CC0 license do not require any credit. Click here for detailed information about Creative Commons licenses. On each album’s page there is information about the license.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be creating useful collections, in various popular genres, covering things like ukulele music, motivational music, corporate music, concentration sounds and many many more. We’ll also be collating collections of sound effects, all with clearance to use FREE in your commercial presentations.

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